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Im wondering American Flag Stop The Steal shirt . How those environmentalist move around? I need this . Do they just walk? Ride bike? I think I know! They ride their big gas clunker to move around that spits pollution into the air that we breathe on. The fires have everything to do with our management of said forest, if we’d allow fires to happen more often we’d cut down on the massive undergrowth that we have now. When used properly fire can be beneficial rather than damaging. It’s natures natural cycle. I need this ! Read Graham Hancock’s books Fingerprints of the Gods and Magicians of the Gods for more info on massive asteroid impacts. Massive forest fires were an issue and problem until we started logging and managing our forests. It is the reason we had thriving economies, a great way of life and people from across the country wanted to live to hear.

American Flag Stop The Steal shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

American Flag Stop The Steal  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
American Flag Stop The Steal  Hoodie
American Flag Stop The Steal  Long Sleeve
Long Sleeve
American Flag Stop The Steal  Sweatshirt
American Flag Stop The Steal  Unisex
Andy Parsons because undergrowth is nothing you can harvest American Flag Stop The Steal shirt . I want this . You see undergrowth is the problem, not trees. When you allow fires to control the undergrowth it doesn’t grow tall enough to catch the trees on fire. Trees have the ability to withstand fires, their bark is designed to hinder those smaller fires while all the undergrowth gets burnt and those ashes help to give nutrients to the older established trees.Complete insanity. The earth has not warmed so much as to wreak this kind of havoc. This is man-made or rather man caused. Through our lack of action and bad forest management. This is preventable! Environmentalists are loving the forest to death. Meanwhile, human beings can’t breathe. Shame on all of them! If you’re going to disallow the right thing to happen then you should be willing to take the responsibility for it. You see undergrowth is the problem, not trees
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