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Shooting this straight Canadian Heartbeat Maple Leaf shirt . I was bored one night and on my balcony looking at my Power stroke. I know it’s backwards but my Why is straight the default shirt came in! I highly recommend everyone to go see the new. Why do we have to come out at all. Why is straight the default and those that are gay need to disclose it. Ultimately our relationships are a part of our identity and having to provide a disclaimer to family and friends is difficult. Everyone deserves a great love story. Forget gender and lonely place if you have no one to share your love and your life with. The time we spend on Earthisbut a fleeting moment in the continuum of time seize the day make it yours and go find your love story. It’s taken me a couple of decades to really be comfortable in my own skin and with talking freely and openly of my partner to all of my friends, family and colleagues.

Canadian Heartbeat Maple Leaf shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Canadian Heartbeat Maple Leaf  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Canadian Heartbeat Maple Leaf  Hoodie
Canadian Heartbeat Maple Leaf  Long Sleeve
Long Sleeve
Canadian Heartbeat Maple Leaf  Sweatshirt
Canadian Heartbeat Maple Leaf  Unisex
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